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Breed standards for Connemara Ponies:

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Connemara Ponies  are arguably the best performance pony in the world.  They are elegant, hardy, intelligent, and possess tremendous agility and jumping prowess.  Connemara Ponies are  a native breed to Ireland.  They take their name from the  wild, rocky region on the western seaboard of Ireland where ponies have existed since ancient times. The landscape in the west of Ireland is rugged, and it is because of this that  Connemara ponies are known for being a hardy breed of pony.
They have developed a thick coat to withstand the harsh weather and are very sure footed thanks to the rocky terrain in the Connemara region. The history of the Connemara ponies dates back to when the Celts arrived in Ireland.



The Connemara ponies appearance varies but in general Connemara ponies will have a small pony head, often with a slightly dished profile. They will have a broad forehead, large dark kind eyes and small pony ears. The neck will be long and arched giving a good length of rein;  a well sloped shoulder for loose movement:  a deep compact body;  a strong muscular back and hind end with high-set tail;  strong legs with short cannon bones, plenty of bone below the knee; sound feet.

The  height averages from 13hh – 15hh, but they can also  grow taller than this.  The recognised colours of the  Connemara pony are grey, bay, brown, dun, black, chestnut, roan, palamino and dark eyed cream.  Pinto patterns such as piebald or skewbald are not eligible for registration with the Connemara society. Connemara ponies can also be Cremello in colour this is known as a Blue Eyed Cream.

CPBS Breed standard of the Connemara pony:

To achieve a class 1 status,  Connemara ponies must meet the following criteria:

  • Height: The height of Connemara ponies is between 128cm – 148cm.
  • Colours:  Predominantly Grey but also bay, brown, dun, black, chestnut, roan, palomino, dark eyed cream.
  • Type: Compact type, with dept in the girth giving room for the heart and lungs, standing on short legs and covering a lot of ground.
  • Head: A well balanced pony head, of medium length, with pony ears, good width between large kind eyes, well defined cheekbone jaw.
  • Front: Head well set on to neck, crest not over developed, good length of rein, well defined wither, good sloping shoulder for free going movement..
  • Body: The body should be deep, strong back and loins, length in the body covering ground, well ribbed.
  • Limbs: Good length of forearm, well set knees, short cannon bone with flat bone of 18cm -21cm, pastern of medium length, hard round and level hooves.
  • Hind Quarters: Strong and muscular, well developed second thigh (Gaskin) and strong low set hocks.

If they do not meet the above specification they will be graded either class 2 or 3 status.


  • Movement should be free, easy and true, without undue knee action
  • They should be active and cover the ground.

Breed Characteristics:

  • Good temperament.
  • Honest and willing
  • Intelligent.
  • Staying power
  • Hardy
  • Athletic
  • Sure footed, soundness
  • Good Jumping ability
  • Suitable for Children and adults.

The Connemara pony excels in all disciplines such as:

  • Show- jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, endurance and showing.


In times gone by the Connemara ponies were loved by families who heavily relied on them for farming.  They were needed to:

  • Plough the land
  • Act as a mode of transport such bringing the family to mass on a Sunday.
  • Pulling the cart to carry turf and seaweed.
  • They were also used as a mount for hunting and for the children to ride and compete in local shows.

Today  Connemara Ponies enjoys a  modern lifestyle.  As a ridden ponies the Connemara can not be bettered. Spirited but sensible, courageous but kind,  it is a ideal mount for adults and children alike.

Connemara ponies are renowned worldwide, they are much sought after for their beautiful kind temperament, and jumping ability.  Connemara ponies can been seen competing on the world stage in all disciplines.
Today Connemara ponies are bred in Ireland, the Uk, across Europe, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and south Africa.

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